The Billy Block Show is one of Nashville’s longest running shows, clocking in at just under two decades. Billy Block has always been a man of many titles; from world renowned drummer to father of 5. His most recent title, crowned to him by the Nashville Scene, was  “The Honky-Tonk Underdog’s Best Friend,” and that is exactly what the Billy Block Show is all about.  Billy claims his show caters to “the misfits, the troublemakers and the creative geniuses who resist all categorization,” but if one were to take a look at the track record of stars that have all gotten there start from his show, it is clear to see this show is much more than a stage for off-beat talent. Artists such as Keith Urban, Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line have all cut their chops and even found their big breaks on this legendary stage, and only time will tell who the next troublemaker will be to step on to Billy’s stage and off into the spotlight. 

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